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International Muslimah Artists Network, IMAN, is an international organization created by and for Muslim women artists. It was founded in 1997 by Noora Hammoude & Safiya Godlas and was sponsored by Dr. Emad Hammoude. Since 1997, IMAN has been growing as a network for both established artists and those aspiring and studying to become accomplished in their field. Among our primary goals is to promote the artistic achievements of Muslim women around the world. Through our website, we aim to provide exposure to our members, opportunities to take part in art exhibitions, resources and connections to community and world art news and events.

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Check out Muslima: Muslim Women’s Art & Voices,

a groundbreaking online exhibition recently launched by the

International Museum of Women. Part exhibition, part call to action-

the site features an amazing roster of artists, writers, musicians,

and other women from all over the world who are defining their own

identities and defying negative stereotypes.

Explore at and share!

IMAN is proud to be a partner.

The International Museum of Women has just launched an exhibition campaign to promote understanding, diversity, and dialogue with their new initiative Muslima: Muslim Women’s Art & Voices! We are proud to be a partner. They are seeking nominations of specific actions (for example, petitions, virtual events, calls for participation, watching a film online, and even funding opportunities) that can be added to their campaign calendar over the next 8 months. If you have any recommendations, please email Krista Walton at